Garage Door Repair

Sometimes, your functional garage door is not working the way it is designed to be. For common garage door problems, you could almost certainly conduct some of the fixing tasks on your own. However, serious garage door problems should be handled by professional garage door companies like, Greensboro garage door repair to restore the performance of garage door. However, the following are the common garage door problems that you can handle on your own:

The garage door goes up and down itself. No, don’t be surprised, it is not magic. The explanation is really simple and straightforward. There must be someone in your locality that uses an access code or security password similar to yours. It can cause interference with the radio receiver of your garage door. Remember, the radios in airplanes and police vans have the same effect. How to fix the problem? How do you make sure that it will not happen again? Simply change the passcode. The process of changing the security code depends on the type of garage door opener.

In common models, you just need to hold the transmitter which is found near the box of an opener. You should push a certain transmitter button for about thirty seconds (read the manufacturer’s manual to check what button to hold down). Newer garage door opener models are equipped with rolling code technology which changes automatically once the transmitter is utilized.

The garage door goes halfway down and then stops and goes back while trying to close completely. There is a possibility that your garage door might have problems with safety sensors. Automatic garage doors are installed with safety sensors systems that detect if there is any obstruction or hurdle on the path of it. If the garage door senses any obstruction, the sensors tell the machine to pull the garage door back up. The garage door will automatically open up again before touching the ground when it senses anything on the floor. There may be dried leaves, broom, bucket, or something else. Just removing the obstruction will help you to make your garage door functional again perfectly. The problem may also happen if the photo eyes of sensors are dusty, dirty, or misaligned. The system will assume that something is on the way, stopping the garage door not to close properly.

If the above-mentioned techniques will not work to restore the performance of your malfunctioning garage door. You will need to change the batteries and make sure that the mechanism is getting enough power to see if it is working. If it does not, your garage door might have serious problems which need to be fixed with the help of professional garage door experts. Call a professional garage door repair company right now. 

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